Saturday, 23 January 2010

getting to know you .......mainstream/home ed familiies

A nice relaxing day was had by all the family.

In the morning me and hubby went to ikea to get a bookshelf for leo;s room to organise books and study materials. I need to get more organised as i am so overwhelmed with the amount of resources there are out there so need to set up some systems to remember - and to work out this blogging system.

All the kids stayed at home and the 2 elder girls had their friends round who have moved away so it was nice to catch up with them for the day.

I can now blog but I can't seem to find them easily. This week has been a great week in terms of really having the time to get to know leo and recognise his little ways and how to handle him or work with him instead of sometimes against him when we have been short of time. It seems to be the route of all evil.

Having read blogs today of pro/anti homeschooling when people seem to think it is selfish for parents to do this and there is plenty of time to spend with kids after schoo. I totally disagree our experience has been that they get in from school and need down time to get home from, it is then a battle to find time of dinner, quality family time and homework.

We need to now focus on finding quality time for the girls as well as they are very happy in school with a large group of friends but it would be nice to get to know them better and have as much quality time as can be made with leo.

By the way he freaked out about the shelf in his room at first as he doesn;t like anthing different and I had also bought a clock that was too loud - but he came around eventually.

Oh well we will see what tomorrow brings.

how do those people get the balance when they have kids that are homeschooled adn mainstream educated? would be interested to hear.

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