Tuesday, 26 January 2010

its a family affair


we are all trying to come to terms with what homeschooling a child can be and the impact on the rest of the family - in our case our family consists of 2 older siblings, mum, dad and the youngest who we have recently decided to homeschool.

after attempting a typical sunday morning outing and it all going wrong we realised we needed to all understand what is happening and why? and how it will affect the family as a whole? how the kids will all be affected and the fact I will be losing an income so financial restrictions will of course be imposed - alot to ask the 2 older girls - after all what will they get out of it.

as someone said on anohter blog i was reading - i am afriad to say there are good adn bad points that need to be considered and ironed out when homeschooling some/all of your children.


me and L went to grannys for day and had went to the park whilst there so we get outdoor activity time.

B made cooking so we went to local supermarket to get stuff for that - need to try and make an effort with the girls to make quality time so they do not feel left out now because L is at home more. I think we have always tried to do things as a family such as walks at the weekend etc and it is getting harder to get all motivated with same things when there is such a big difference - more 1 to 1 time with them all may benefit more.


L was less keen to work today and took a bit more encourage the sparkle of being at home with mummy is losiing its shine.

however, we did do plenty but its shows how important it is to follow his lead adn not have an hidden agenda. we watched some of his alphabet video he likes - it is circa 1980 carol vorderman but he likes it. we also did some english and science from activity books which inspired us to do some more science experiements in the kitchen with household ingredients such as oil, etc to see how things dissolved in hot/cold water - we even found an old snowball in the freezer!!

When he started to get fed up with writign and stuff we watched some children's school programmes I had taped on tv luckily there was one for older kids about a dad who wrote comics so it was right up his street even though it was aimed at older kids.

I am finding it works best if i follow his lead but have some ideas/resources available to go through. Although he is 7 we want to encourage learnign and reading if possible as and when he is ready to do so any opportunity he can. We have also had a coupel of sessions on youtube so have used this to practise it skills and typing. variety is the spice of life.

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