Tuesday, 9 February 2010

pizza making, pizza express home ed buxton

had a lovely morning with the HE group buxton.

leo made pizza, we put a selection of ham, cheese, peppers etc and created our own pizza base then put toppings on. the pizza express guy was really friendly and well organised considering there were over 30 pizzas at the end to be cooked.

this environment was abit more challenging for leo but he coped in his own way and it will take abit to get use to strangers and unfamiliar surroundings but it is good to keep trying him to experience different learning environments than school settings.

he really enjoyed his pizza when it was done and was happy to sit and eat it, he is just not so keen on the messy play which i had not taken into consideration but they are a great group and accept every child as they are. a warm welcome was received.

Monday, 8 February 2010


not posted for few days apologies so quick update.


we to the derby home ed group had a great time and leo really enjoyed it too. he was playing lots with all the kids.

before going we met up wiht another home ed from matlock who had a son the same age as leo and a daughter 4. before we got there they had bonded. we were the first to arrive so the kids had time to get to know each other and familiarise themselves with their surroungdings. after about 1/2 an hour other kids started to turn up including alot of older kids - surprising leo and his friend starting playing with and chasing them around.

leo is alot calmer since finishing school and his confidence is coming on everyday. a gold star in socalizing for today - well done leo! can;t wait to see our new friends again.


went to granny and shopping, leo is getting very good at going out and not getting too moody if not in the house all the time.


the eldest daugher went to out in the afternoon so one makes for a bit quieter surroundings. we went out on the bikes again with one big sis and had some quality bonding time.


went out with dad on the bike leo is so keen and the more he does his confidence with breaks will soon kick in as he still only likes the flat surfaces.

he does tend to still get abit more highly strung at weekends when everyone is around but he is alot calmer and easier to manage overall.


we went out today to see granny and went around a shopping centre to walk aunty. leo was very good got abit flustered when it was time to have lunch and sit amongst the crowd but was talked around easily. had a long day out then went home and had a bath - not happy left him to have meltdown as he had not had one for a few days - he then washed himself and came down dressed and teeth as well 1-1. result. his hair is getting long but will tackle that some other time.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

snow day

home school is harder than i thought.

thats 2 pe lessons we had today!

set off 8 am as planned to do visit to relatives then first home education meeting. unfortuantely i had to turn back because of weather.

had a bit of a strange day. leo wanted to do some writing again so we did that briefly then we went out on the bikes.

i wanted to walk the dog and leo suggested the bikes. i was a bit apprehensive as it was very icy and managing myself, leo and the dog on a lead was dauting but we managed it and had a great time.

we then went home and had a deserved rest and watched superman 2.

we did some writing and some computer time but today felt abit strange as we had intended to go out and had not been all week.

i suggested taking the dog out again in the afternoon and leo wanted to take the bikes he is very keen so i don;t want to discougage that.

we wanted some history programmes on telly later so today was more knowledge based than actual reading/writing but everything counts.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

schools out - but we haven't done any work yet!

that was the response when we finally decided to call it a day at about 4pm.

however it had turned out to be another action packed day that we had both loved every minute of it with Leo stating that he had such a nice time and had not felt like he was doing any work. So i pointed out all the things we had done and learnt today.

session 1

I read his spiderman collector comic to him we like to start off with a relaxing exercise on the bed to get us in the right mindset for the day.

session 2

Then we watched a spiderman cartoon for more inspiration. bit of a slow start to be honest today as i had a bit of a headache - had been up since 7 doing more research/prep work on home education stuff.

session 3

went out on our bikes again in the rain to walk the dog. i just wanted to head out for a quick walk but leo insisted we take the bikes again so thats 2 days in a row - this will build his confidence up as he is still uncertain about the breaks and reaching the floor.

session 4

we did some more of leo's spiderman story in his exercise book. this involves him drawing a picture then we discuss a story and i write the words down for him to copy from a whiteboard. this is also improvign his reading a great deal and more simpler words such as the are now becoming familiar. it also shows how much of our reading time he is absorbing as he often incorporates ideas we have reasd from other sources such as egypt, rome or jungles etc into his story ideas.

session 5

we printed some puzzles and colour pages off the internet and made 2 exercise books of spiderman and batman for future workbooks. he coloured a couple of the picutres in.

session 6

we finished the day watching a programme on bbc iplayer called ha karate about 4 british families learning karate in japan with the grand masters. This tied in well with research i had been doing on local he groups - one of them does karate classes so i thought i would use it to judge leo;s reaction. it was also interesting to see how the families were with japanese culutre during their 3 week stay. so our topic has now moved on from rome/egyptian to japanese culture. i always try to read something cultural everyday.

then we decided to call it a day and leo went on batman youtube.

now i have found some local groups i am planning to focus on social activities as well. so far so good.

we are hopitng to go on a viist tomorrow to a museum so i have also printed some info. sheets out ready. hope its ok as we have a viist to relatives planned as well tomorrow.

Monday, 1 February 2010

long sleeves/trousers winter, spring, summer .....

Holiday pics - sorry don;t do shorts and t.shirts. whatever time of year we have the same wardrobe.

home education east midlands - result!!!!!!!

After extensive research I finally found some home education groups on yahoo.

infact there were several in the end I started off in east midlands and kept narrowing my search to Lincoln, Derby, Nottingham and finally to Buxton and Chesterfield.

The only way i could work out to make contact was to join them all so I am probably down as a serial home ed stalker now - lets see if anything comes of it - if it gets us out there and mixing with others and improves leo's social skills then it is worth it.

I mentioned it briefly and he wasn't keen so i tend not pre-warn him about things as he just gets stressed but he is improving socially as we have been to visit granny several times over the past couple of weeks and he normally prefers to stay at home.

Had a busy productive day again today. We read his spiderman comic this morning in bed then decided to put the indiana jones story on hold and start a spiderman one instead so he did 3 pages of writing and pictures today. The deal is if he draws a picture he then has to write the words in the speech bubble, then if he resists we have a break - i don;t like to push but it is amazing he is even willing to write at all.

We then went out on our new bikes we got for xmas but had not used yet. I was trying to explain how he could prop his bike against the kerb to get on as it was a bit high but he kept walking around the other side and climbing on road side. He couldn;t reach the floor or the brakes very well but when we got to our flat green he really enjoyed riding around for 1/2 hour.

we then went back and had hot chocolate and i sat on the bed reading an ancient rome sticker book. Later when were having some down time there was a documentary on tv on the romans and he had remembered so much about gladiators etc it is amazing how much he can take in - he is such a bright button!!

we also went on the internet and downloaded some spiderman pictures to colour and a calender so he can log when his comics are out.

another great day - i was starting to feel a bit cabin fever by about 3 but will learn to pace ourselves and allow downtime for everyone.

hope the groups turn out ok.