Friday, 22 January 2010

homeschool week 1

After doing lots of research on teaching styles and philosophies we decided we should follow my son;s leaad as he had already demonstrated his reluctance to learn. However we decided to have some strucute based on topics around his favourite interests Spiderman, Batman, Xmen and Iron Man so we ordered to reading books for beginners from Amazon.

Monday we went to visit the family who require support as their carer - LC looked forward to this although sometimes he does not like visiting even people he knows well. We visited the park on the way there where I had grown up and played on a roundabout which suddently became a science expierent about gravity - our 1st homeschool unplanned life experience. Whilst travelling in the car both ways he also drew a picture about spiderman and used his whiteboard I had bought him to spell batman. a good start so far.

Tuesday we visited relatives again so more socialising he also took his lego batman Wii to show granny. Did some more work on whiteboard.

Wednesday our first day at home - we woke up ususal time so at 7.30 am instead of up and ready for school we watched some Steve Spangler science on youtube. I then had to take my daugher to dentist at 9am then son to docs for constipation meds. Reading books came so we read together nearly 2 books of 30 words each, he would not even look at old school books thought they were boring. we had a relaxing afternoon watching iron man as his constipation was bad.

Thursday - up at 7.30 am we watched more science programmes, read rest of reading books and started his first blog typing himself - all by 9.30 am. Then we took the dog for a walk but the park near us has now closed so he had a panic, I tried to distract him walking aroud our estate looking at house numbers and road signs but he wasn't happy until we were in view of our house as it was an unfamiliar route we had taken.

When we got back I got a kids atlas out and we read about maps and drew our own street map game. Then he asked to write a story about indiana jones in his new exercise book i had got for homeschooling. normally he does/will not write so positve leading from him again. Later we watched some kids programmes i had taped, one was on climbing snowdonia/maps what a coincidence and he asked to go walking at wekend and find a mountain - wow another request - we strucggle to get him out becuase of coat/shoe issues and public places. I was shattered by 2pm my first lesson was i realised you need to pace yourself as they are learning taking in much more with one to one and do not want to overload him.

Friday - visited relatives again. took granny shopping as decided we would not do any specific school work today. then decided to come home and have some quiet time on youtube/computer.

wow what a week!!! roll on next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. sounds like you've had a busy week.

  2. oh, thank you SO much for emailing me back on books. I appreciate it.

    God bless