Wednesday, 27 January 2010

how to motivate a 7 year old.

have spent today at home again. I have been continuning to let L lead the way in what we cover. He is very keen on going on youtube at the moment so we started the morning sitting in "the big bed" (mum and dad's) and watched some spangler science. he is usually very open to doing quiet things such as reading att this time.

did not do any reading as dad and b were around to go to dentist. we got dressed and went ninto town with them and walked the dog around the park - and i promised to get some ingredients for science experients. although i had explained i did not want to carrying things around we ended up going shopping first then to the park - i can;t always be bothered with the battle when he gets an idea in his head.

we then went home as b felt sick after dentists appointment. got be settled then we did some science - leo is very keen on this at moment.

then we went and sat in his room and did some more exercise books - he got one of the answers wrong by rushing in and not thinking so it took alot of encourgaement to keep him going. we then went on to doing more of his indiana jones story as again that gets him writing abit and he like drawing pictures for stories. whilst doing this i have found it is a good opportunity to read something on the topics to stretch his imagination so we have been reading about egypt and hidden treasures etc. however i seemed to go off at a tangent and starting reading about the solar system and every so often he would comment so i know some of it is being taken in.

anaother succesful day. we finished off with more computer time and he has learnt how to get onto internet and type in web address, then we had a go on wii lego batman.

he seemed alot calmer this evening when rest of family got home from work/school so i think it is having some benefit so far from being at home.

would love to hear from any other homeschoolers, especially uk as i am having troubl e finding you.

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  1. Boys. My son loves science and art. He could spend all day on the internet looking at animals. Homeschooling is definitely going to be an adjustment to everyone in your home. I've felt some days fly by smoothly, while others can make you feel like your on the edge. Hang in there. Teach to him.

    God Bless