Wednesday, 3 February 2010

snow day

home school is harder than i thought.

thats 2 pe lessons we had today!

set off 8 am as planned to do visit to relatives then first home education meeting. unfortuantely i had to turn back because of weather.

had a bit of a strange day. leo wanted to do some writing again so we did that briefly then we went out on the bikes.

i wanted to walk the dog and leo suggested the bikes. i was a bit apprehensive as it was very icy and managing myself, leo and the dog on a lead was dauting but we managed it and had a great time.

we then went home and had a deserved rest and watched superman 2.

we did some writing and some computer time but today felt abit strange as we had intended to go out and had not been all week.

i suggested taking the dog out again in the afternoon and leo wanted to take the bikes he is very keen so i don;t want to discougage that.

we wanted some history programmes on telly later so today was more knowledge based than actual reading/writing but everything counts.

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