Tuesday, 2 February 2010

schools out - but we haven't done any work yet!

that was the response when we finally decided to call it a day at about 4pm.

however it had turned out to be another action packed day that we had both loved every minute of it with Leo stating that he had such a nice time and had not felt like he was doing any work. So i pointed out all the things we had done and learnt today.

session 1

I read his spiderman collector comic to him we like to start off with a relaxing exercise on the bed to get us in the right mindset for the day.

session 2

Then we watched a spiderman cartoon for more inspiration. bit of a slow start to be honest today as i had a bit of a headache - had been up since 7 doing more research/prep work on home education stuff.

session 3

went out on our bikes again in the rain to walk the dog. i just wanted to head out for a quick walk but leo insisted we take the bikes again so thats 2 days in a row - this will build his confidence up as he is still uncertain about the breaks and reaching the floor.

session 4

we did some more of leo's spiderman story in his exercise book. this involves him drawing a picture then we discuss a story and i write the words down for him to copy from a whiteboard. this is also improvign his reading a great deal and more simpler words such as the are now becoming familiar. it also shows how much of our reading time he is absorbing as he often incorporates ideas we have reasd from other sources such as egypt, rome or jungles etc into his story ideas.

session 5

we printed some puzzles and colour pages off the internet and made 2 exercise books of spiderman and batman for future workbooks. he coloured a couple of the picutres in.

session 6

we finished the day watching a programme on bbc iplayer called ha karate about 4 british families learning karate in japan with the grand masters. This tied in well with research i had been doing on local he groups - one of them does karate classes so i thought i would use it to judge leo;s reaction. it was also interesting to see how the families were with japanese culutre during their 3 week stay. so our topic has now moved on from rome/egyptian to japanese culture. i always try to read something cultural everyday.

then we decided to call it a day and leo went on batman youtube.

now i have found some local groups i am planning to focus on social activities as well. so far so good.

we are hopitng to go on a viist tomorrow to a museum so i have also printed some info. sheets out ready. hope its ok as we have a viist to relatives planned as well tomorrow.

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