Monday, 8 February 2010


not posted for few days apologies so quick update.


we to the derby home ed group had a great time and leo really enjoyed it too. he was playing lots with all the kids.

before going we met up wiht another home ed from matlock who had a son the same age as leo and a daughter 4. before we got there they had bonded. we were the first to arrive so the kids had time to get to know each other and familiarise themselves with their surroungdings. after about 1/2 an hour other kids started to turn up including alot of older kids - surprising leo and his friend starting playing with and chasing them around.

leo is alot calmer since finishing school and his confidence is coming on everyday. a gold star in socalizing for today - well done leo! can;t wait to see our new friends again.


went to granny and shopping, leo is getting very good at going out and not getting too moody if not in the house all the time.


the eldest daugher went to out in the afternoon so one makes for a bit quieter surroundings. we went out on the bikes again with one big sis and had some quality bonding time.


went out with dad on the bike leo is so keen and the more he does his confidence with breaks will soon kick in as he still only likes the flat surfaces.

he does tend to still get abit more highly strung at weekends when everyone is around but he is alot calmer and easier to manage overall.


we went out today to see granny and went around a shopping centre to walk aunty. leo was very good got abit flustered when it was time to have lunch and sit amongst the crowd but was talked around easily. had a long day out then went home and had a bath - not happy left him to have meltdown as he had not had one for a few days - he then washed himself and came down dressed and teeth as well 1-1. result. his hair is getting long but will tackle that some other time.

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