Monday, 1 February 2010

home education east midlands - result!!!!!!!

After extensive research I finally found some home education groups on yahoo.

infact there were several in the end I started off in east midlands and kept narrowing my search to Lincoln, Derby, Nottingham and finally to Buxton and Chesterfield.

The only way i could work out to make contact was to join them all so I am probably down as a serial home ed stalker now - lets see if anything comes of it - if it gets us out there and mixing with others and improves leo's social skills then it is worth it.

I mentioned it briefly and he wasn't keen so i tend not pre-warn him about things as he just gets stressed but he is improving socially as we have been to visit granny several times over the past couple of weeks and he normally prefers to stay at home.

Had a busy productive day again today. We read his spiderman comic this morning in bed then decided to put the indiana jones story on hold and start a spiderman one instead so he did 3 pages of writing and pictures today. The deal is if he draws a picture he then has to write the words in the speech bubble, then if he resists we have a break - i don;t like to push but it is amazing he is even willing to write at all.

We then went out on our new bikes we got for xmas but had not used yet. I was trying to explain how he could prop his bike against the kerb to get on as it was a bit high but he kept walking around the other side and climbing on road side. He couldn;t reach the floor or the brakes very well but when we got to our flat green he really enjoyed riding around for 1/2 hour.

we then went back and had hot chocolate and i sat on the bed reading an ancient rome sticker book. Later when were having some down time there was a documentary on tv on the romans and he had remembered so much about gladiators etc it is amazing how much he can take in - he is such a bright button!!

we also went on the internet and downloaded some spiderman pictures to colour and a calender so he can log when his comics are out.

another great day - i was starting to feel a bit cabin fever by about 3 but will learn to pace ourselves and allow downtime for everyone.

hope the groups turn out ok.

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