Thursday, 25 March 2010

Batma - The Prisoner's Revenge any ideas for making videos/comics thans

It was just another ordinary day at Arkham Asylum until ...................the villains escaped.
To be continued when i improve my resources - need to hold a mobile phone more steadily or get better camera equipment.
I also need to find suitable resources for making videos or comic books. Leo is a big fan of youtube, unfortunately some of he homemade lego batman videos are not suitable and i suggested we could make our own so any suggestions would be appreciated.
Any way we are raring t go with our lego and have plenty of action shots ready -where there's a will there's a way.
We had a nice stroll around the park today and came back and did some maths and tell the time exercise. we have not done much structured work this week as we have had a busy couple of days seeing granny and trying to sort a car out following the accident.
We also had a bit of a broken nights sleep so i wasn't going to push but Leo was keen so we did some and he really enjoys it.
General mood today from everyone is tired and grumpy so everything we achieve is a bonus.

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