Friday, 19 March 2010

feeding the ducks and poos.

today we went out to the park to feed the ducks again, he seems really keen to do this again after such a long time and whilst we are there he is wanting to spend lots of time on the adventure playground, so plenty of exercise.

whilst we were out today the town was really busy as there was a freedom march with a local regiment that we had not been aware of. the park was alot busier with spectators so he got freeked out about that but we still had a good time. after having the park to himself most of the week he was annoyed that a load of people were suddently occupying his territory. we still managed to have icecreams and tea and carrot cake for me.

the down side of the trip was the dog doing a poo on oneo the pretty plants in the flowerbeds - luckily i had a bag hand. thought he was marking his territory as ususal until i looked back and saw a poo on display. ha ha...

had the last of our homemade soup today so made a fresh batch today and some more yummy scones for tea. all the family are just so spoilt now.

the boys cleared the playroom as we are awaiting a new batch of spiderman reading books adn some lego - not come as yet.

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