Wednesday, 17 March 2010

car crash, education visits, bread making, veggie planting etcetc....

not updated for along time i am afraid but alot has been happening, admittedly at a shorter pace than normal.

after the success of our first home ed visit we went to another group meet but unfortunately it was during all the intermittent snow and on the way home someone came across our side of the road and we ended up being in a head on crash. yuk.

Leo was physically fine apart from some bruising and i have been making a slow recovery from concussion and a bad back, etc. but we have had plently of time at home to do various activities albeit with some inconvenience as i have either been very drowsy, in pain or based on the bed or settee mainly for the past 3 weeks and have only ventured out more this past week but not driving yet so my home ed trips are on hold at the moment.

read on to see what we have been up to.

education authority visit.

we had a visit from the local education advisor about taking leo out of school. we showed him work we had done on maths and english work and the progress leo had made in his reading. we have about 4 spiderman reading books at level 2 and 3 others that include xmen, iron and batman. he is now very confident at reading letter words and willing to try some 4 letter words - excellent progress since he was taken out of school in january.

we also have had more time to get to know him and realised he is very good at maths and spelling - in the past he did not even want to attempt reading never mind a spelling test.

we showed him our book collection of encyclopedias and factbooks and he was satisfied with our intentions.

Leo has also had time to do lots of playing in our playroom with his superheroes etc. and we made some buildings during craft and landscapes cutting our shapes.

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