Wednesday, 31 March 2010

weekly catchup maths and stuff.

Had another busy week this week.

Monday we took auntie to hospital and Leo was very good and stayed with granny. As we left he was just showing her the latest spiderman pictures he had drawn so they were both happy.

After a busy morning and a fish and chip lunch we headed home.

Did some maths when we got home and had some down time on the WII.

At the moment the boys have been playing alot on sports resort tennis, archery and table tennis.

Tuesday we spent at home a neighbour came round one afternoon and the boys all played on swingball.

We have been doing alot of maths this week, L picked up times tables really easy x 2.

We also did long addition and subtraction. this was more of a challenge as L is famiar with horizontal sums but understanding them written vertically was abit disturbing for him. Although i found he could work out the sums really easy he found it difficult to put the numbers in the right place, especially carry forward so the written anwers were sometimes wrong although i knew perfectly well he could work them out when we worked through the calculation. We will have to do more work to familiaries him with this.

We did a brief trip to the supermarket did a mass cook and bake of soup and buns etc.

Wednesday we have several doctors appointmets between various members of the family so we managed some school work in between with lots of breaks to recharge brains. Did some more maths and L was keen.

We also did alot of work over last couple of days on handwriting practise to build up confidence with his writing, spelling and reading - again this built up his understanding of how the letters are formed so as he sometimes puts them the wrong way round.

I have found it best to go 2 steps forward and 1 back as it builds his confidence up more and i don;t take for granted that he knows all the basics so we use a wide range of books from Age 4+.

We have also done some work on telling the time and i will look out some more information on times, dates and calenders etc as L's most constant question is when is the next spiderman, xmen etc comic out.

We have had a very enjoyable week so far - not been out feeding the ducks this week but more work based for a change.

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