Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Batman and Lego.

Our recent order of Lego arrived from amazon yesterday so after a day shopping with grandma we rushed back to open our packages.

We received 4 boxes of lego figures and vehicles and some more batman books.

The lego we ordered included some figures and vehicles so that we could make our own batman playsets - we looked on amazon and ebay and they were going for very large sums of money so we decided to use or imagination instead.

The first package was a police van for taking prisones to jail/arkham asylum and a couple of hench men. Then we got another police man with a motorbike that we decided could be used for good or bad guys and finally we got a box of figures that we decided would make an excellent commissioner gordon, poison ivy and a few other bad/good guys.

We also got the Daily Mirror last weekend as they are giving away lego vehicles and we got a black sports car that makes an excellent batmoble.

All this cost the same price as 1 mini lego figure and I imagine hours of imaginative play ahead of us.

To complement our lego sets we got a batman sticker book that we also decided would be useful to customise our lego batman.

Finally we got another reading book for the no.l batman fan to read himself and one for bedtime stories - so reading still very interested and keen to keep trying.

homeschooling really seems to be working for us.

Also remembered Leo used his own money he had been saving to buy the lego so we spent the oter afternoon adding up the contents of his money box. He had the grand total of £23.18 all in coins from 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p etc so a very productive lesson in maths and budgetting also occured.

we have still not been out to any groups yet following the car crash but intend to when we get another car - the hire car we have at the moment is terrible and not good for my back as it is very low - will hopefully have one in a couple of weeks so will get out and about again soon.

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